Clean Dry Air – We are the experts

Kaeser Rotary Screw Compressors

Through continuous improvement, Kaeser maintains the most efficient and longest lasting rotary screw compressors in the market.​

Each compressor is built and tested in Kaeser’s state of the art plant in Coburg Germany, carrying our stamp of certified performance, and the industry’s only 5-year comprehensive bumper to bumper parts and labour warranty.​

Available in oil-flooded and oil-free configurations, we have a full range of machines to support all of our customer’s needs. ​ ​

Compressor control and the
Internet of Things (IOT)

Our compressors are designed from the ground up to function as part of your critical infrastructure. Within your secure network, our compressors are fully addressable to determine status and cost of operation.

Through our Sigma Air Manager (SAM 4.0) we can tie together up to 12 Kaeser and/or third-party compressors, and operate as a single integrated plant with automated lead-lag and machine rotation plan.

SAM – your own dedicated compressed air plant optimizer.

Air Filtration

Filtration is critical to the integrity of the compressed air system. Kaeser filters have the lowest pressure loss in the market.​

Save-on-energy program​ incentives for filter replacement​ for energy savings.​

Critical for food grade​ clean dry air systems.

Air Dryers

All compressed air contains water vapor. Without a compressed air dryer, water will pass downstream to equipment and tooling. ​

Easy to retrofit, our dryers can secure your new or​ existing system.​

Our advanced cycling and purge saving dryers qualify for ​ Ontario’s Save-On-Energy incentives. ​ ​ ​


Equipment we sell:

  • DV Systems 5 HP to 30 HP, 175 psi.​
  • Eagle: 3HP to 15 HP, electric and gas-powered, 175 psi.​
  • Sauer: 100-6000 psi (5 to 250 CFM) Oil free & oil-lubricated.​
  • Medium: Air, Nitrogen, Helium, Natural Gas, Bio-Methane. ​
  • We provide a full suite of on-site service:  Our services section