What pressure should my compressor shut off?

The operating range is 100psi to 135psi (plus or minus 10psi for gauge variation). A properly operating pressure switch will shut off the compressor when the maximum psi has been reached.

When should I replace the air intake filter?

If your compressor has an Air Intake Filter, it should be cleaned on a weekly basis (assuming you are using the compressor about 3 days a week). When the filter starts to develop debris that is becoming harder to clean out, or you notice any tears or holes in the filter, the filter should be replaced.

Will my compressor run on a generator?

The compressor should be able to run given the proper requirements, however we recommend not using a compressor with a generator. Generators have fluctuations in power, and because a compressor needs constant voltage to be able to run, it is generally best not to use a generator if no power is available.

What size of hose should be used?

This will depend on the type of compressor that you have. The two most common sizes are 1/4″ and 3/8″. Check your compressor manual, or give us a call to help find the right size to use. Generally, the larger the compressor means the larger size of diameter you can use. Most homeowner compressor manufacturers would recommend a 1/4″ hose diameter.