Experts in Finishing and Dispensing Solutions

KREMLIN REXSON : For 90 years, KREMLIN REXSON designs, manufactures and commercializes equipment for the application of thick or fluids products for the automotive, wood and plastics markets.
Its subsidiary API Technologies is specialized in painting booths manufacturing.

Large range of pumps & spray guns (Airless, hvlp, Airmix®, automatic and gravity spray guns & spray nozzles). We provide spraying & finishing equipement and powder coating systems.

The New EOS pump range Accelerates the Performance of your Airmix® Xcite™ gun by delivering Efficiency, Optimization and Simplicity.

EOS PUMPS 15-C25 & 30-C25

Do you currently have a Kremlin 10-14 or 20-15 pump? Believe it or not, Kremlin Rexson has developed an even better pump and set a new industry standard!
The innovative design and quality components deliver:

  • Reliability & performance
  • Higher pressure ratio than 10-14
  • Compatible with water-based & viscous materials
  • Quick, Efficient color changes
  • Lower pressure operation allows applying stains easily

kremlin rexson